Day 33: Star Pillow

This was a complete FAIL! I made so many amateur mistakes that it probably took me 3 x as long as it should have. And the result is a deformed starfish! I found this task frustrating to say the least!

IMG_2675 IMG_2676 IMG_2677 IMG_2678

I sewed all the way round the star, then realised I’d sewn everything upside down! So when I turned the material inside out, the shiny part of the silk was on the inside. So I had to painstakingly unpick all the stitching and redo it all! ARGH! But one of the sides I couldn’t unpick because I’d set the length of the stitch so tiny. All the edges frayed, and I had to cut that small-stitched side – so the star became smaller, pointer and completely uneven. 😛


The Final Product


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