Day 37: The Hat-trick

3 New things in one day

Activity #1: Aqua Zumba

This morning I went to Newport Swimming Pool for an active swimming session as part of my injury rehabilitation program. They were holding an Aqua Zumba session, so I decided to join in – this is something I’ve never done before. It was actually really good fun! During the session I through it was a great way to exercise, I could feel my heart rate increase and my muscles working. And afterwards I felt rejuvenated. Definitely wanting to be joining some aqua fitness classes back in Sheffield!

Activity #2: Team Building Exercise

After a hard’s training day at GB camp, everyone took part in a team building exercise, known as the Marshmallow Challenge. We split into our teams and took on the task. We had 20 pieces of spaghetti, some string, some tape and 15 minutes to create a structure to support the marshmallow. To win, we had to build the tallest structure.

IMG_2702 IMG_2701 IMG_2700

Our best efforts resulted in the structure below:


…We lost. 

The boys won…but all of the final structures from our teams were below the average recorded height across the country for this particular activity. So collectively we all did terribly! OOops!


Activity #3: Caricatures

Our current men’s British Trampoline Champion is an incredible graphic designer, and was up for trying out caricatures with me in the evening. There we were giggling to ourselves as we attempted to draw each other as cartoons, exaggerating our best and worst facial features! This was one funny task to try out!

Lewis’ caricature of ME:


And my attempts at drawing cartoon Lewis…


IMG_2719 IMG_2716 IMG_2713

And my attempts at drawing Kayvon…


(Also check out how adorable he is still wearing his team building challenge winning Gold Medal!)

And my extremely poor attempt at some celebrities:


See if you can guess who these are meant to be:

IMG_2722 IMG_2717

Highlight to reveal the answers:…* Tom Hanks (I know it soooooo terrible HAHA) & Ant from Ant & Dec.*

Nailed it!


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