Day 48: Volcano!

Today, my activity was a definite Primary School Arts and crafts session! I made my very own paper mâché ready-to-erupt volcano! Like a child, I was so excited for this! I was really impatient, and didn’t wait for each stage to dry (but I also think that if I had, the eruption would have had to wait til tomorrow). Unfortunately, and quite expected, it was very underwhelming. I used the traditional baking soda and vinegar science trick, but I wished I used mentos and coke! That would have been so much more extreme and exciting. Oh well….

Here is the complete (second attempt) extremely dangerous and volatile volcanic eruption. NB: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! 😀

The making of:

IMG_2898 IMG_2899IMG_2900 IMG_2901IMG_2902 IMG_2903IMG_2905 IMG_2904

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