Day 55: British Championships (Liverpool Part 2)

*!!! British Champion !!!*

I am so elated and proud to have defended my National Title this year! Apart from the second skill of my voluntary routine in prelims where I had a miniature heart attack, I am very happy with my routines; especially since a few weeks ago I was worried that I might not be fit & ready to compete to a high enough standard this weekend! It has been tough this year, having to deal with a leg injury (bone stress related) which stopped me from trampolining for several months (the most I’ve ever been off a trampoline in my 15 years in the sport!). I have also worked hard to rebuild the confidence (and happiness) I lost in myself as a person and an athlete. So to win my 3rd consecutive British Championships is somewhat unexpected, which makes it even more special! There’s also the added bonus of winning a Honda Civic for a year; I can’t wait to pick up the keys and take it for a spin! I have an AMAZING support team behind me that continues to help me and I could not have achieved this without you!

THE THANK YOUS!!! Firstly, thank you to everyone for all your kind messages! 🙂 !! Thank you to ALL the EIS staff at Lilleshall and Sheffield in helping me throughout my injury rehabilitation both physically and mentally; For helping me find those extra little gains to improve my health, diet, lifestyle, fitness, strength, psychological approach to training and competition, confidence, etc….the list really is endless! A huge thank you to the GB Ladies National Coach Tracy Whittaker-Smith for all your hard work with me and the EIS team during my injury rehabilitation and getting back to routine fitness, and for the continuous support you show to me and all members of the GB team, making us the best we can be! An extremely large thank you to my personal coach Paul Greaves for your endless support and joyful attitude to any situation; for all you have done for me personally; not just working through those difficult training sessions or those times you’ve been there for me when my personal life or university work got me down, but also for bringing those AMAZING days and FUN times! You have made me a better person and I’m so honoured to have you as my coach. Thank you Matthew Thompson for your help over the last few years in making me that little more sane and improving my psychological approaches to any situation life throws at me! A very big heartfelt thank you to My Parents for always being there for me, words cannot describe how much this has meant to me! You have influenced and inspired me to dream big and supported me on my journey to achieve these dreams, be they in education, sport or life. You never cease to inspire me to become a better person, as you are the best role models a daughter could ever ask for! xxx Thank you to all my incredible friends, family, teammates, UK Sport & Lottery Funding and those at STA, SIV, University of Sheffield and everyone else who has supported me on my journey 😀

My journey does not stop here. I have a lot more hard work coming my way to get back up to full fitness, get the difficulty back in my routine, to work on TOF, everything!!! I’m excited, determined and extremely motivated for the year ahead. This weekend has definitely boosted my confidence and I am so happy to be back on the trampoline competing again!


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Day 55: The Tate Museum

For my #75DayChallenge I visited the Liverpool Tate Museum before my competition. A really nice way to relax, walking through rooms filled with beauty and stopping to look at the pieces of artwork that caught my eye the most – be they amazing or extremely weird or outrageous!


I am also progressing (almost successfully) with my 4th attempt at my knitted mug cosey (in blue yarn below). So very exciting…IMG_2960

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