Day 62: Coaching Course Day 3

Yet again, my Sofa Sunday was spent being busy out of the house. It was my final day of my level 1 coaching course, so all I have left is to complete my log book and take the assessment (and pass). The day was quite fun again, thanks to the people I was working with. Including a very enthusiastic gymnast! Today’s content was learning how to coach body landing skills with twists (e.g. full twist to front landing) and progressions for forward somersaults.

A debate started with how we should teach front landing full twist out to feet, in regards to where there arms should be. We decided after a relatively long discussion that it was personal preference since it is regarded a ‘play’ move. Arms up would be worth teaching as a progression for a cruise, but arms down makes the twist easier and, since there is a quarter somersault rotation, it makes sense for the arms to be down as progessions for twists in somersaults. Any thoughts?

The day ended with us getting into groups of three and coaching each other to improve a performed routine, but using only one of the three following coaching techniques: words and instructions; actions; asking questions. It is always fun to jump like a (not so good) beginner again…

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