Day 99: Design A Leotard

This was a tough task for me, as I normally like to take a long time to come up with an idea, redraw several times, choose colours. For a leotard design I am happy with can take several days and many attempts. So my challenge today was to come up with a design quickly. I decided to take inspiration from this dress I loved when I watched Dreamgirls (pictured). I love the idea of an old fashioned but classic dress made into a leotard, with some quirky edge to it. So I’ve gone with a high-necked leotard with skin mesh on top, with a bright blue shine edging the white lycra body and cuffed sleeves. The white lycra has a very pale blue shimmer to it so it looks like a sort of pearl effect. White and blue diamontes scatter from the neck and cuffs. The extra whisps of design around the waist are either different white/silver materials or completely filled diamonte designs.

dreamgirlsdressleotard copy



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