Injury…but no injured perspective


In the lead up to Rio I knew that this ankle problem I had been managing on/off since 2010 would need fixing after the competition in order for me to continue my trampoline training for years to come. I elected to have surgery soon after I returned from the Olympics, following a period of prehab training. I willingly entered the operating room in September 2016, excited for my new ankle. Unfortunately, things were a little more complicated than that! Despite our best efforts, the British Gymnastic medical team and I realised, after rehab and return to the trampoline several months later, that I would need a second surgery, which took place in June this year.

Post-Olympics (to 20th Oct) 683

Unfortunately the British Championships have come too soon in my recovery program and I won’t be able to compete. It’s disappointing, as I love competing and I always look forward to this competition every year, it means a lot to me. This will be the first time I won’t be a competitor since I started competing at this level in 2001! I love the excitement that this competition brings and I love performing in front of a large home crowd alongside the best trampoline gymnasts in the country.

But as one door closes, another one opens and I now have the opportunity to go to the competition as a spectator, supporter and avid fan. I am looking forward to working alongside the British Gymnastics media team, working at the shop, meeting the volunteers, trampoline gymnasts and spectators and be able to say thank you for their continued support – along with a few other cool opportunities that I can’t say too much about just yet – but watch this space!

 Recovery has been going well since my second operation, although I have had my ups and downs! Everyone that has been through a period of injury will understand the frustrations and disappointments that come with setbacks and prolonged recovery time (in my case this has grown from 3 months to almost a year because of the complications and unexpected uniqueness of my ankle problem). But these frustrations just fuel my desire to have the best-damn rehab anybody has ever seen 😀 ! I will be a beast at toe exercises and walking on the adult moon bouncer (i.e. the Alter-G treadmill) :P. I strive to take every day as it comes and make it the best possible day it can be. I know that however long it takes, I will continue to work through rehab until my ankle is better – I may as well make this time the best it can be!

Don’t search for the light at the end of the tunnel of recovery, because like in a nightmare it may appear to get further and further away from you as you try and run towards it; instead transform the dark, damp, dingy tunnel into a beautiful, bright, colourful tunnel full of learning, enjoyment and people. Keep opening my eyes to see the wonders that lie in this tunnel and maybe meet a friendly wise troll or two along the way. [I think I’m getting carried away but hopefully you get the gist]. I want to look back on this time of rehab and know that I gave it my all, took advantage of every opportunity and improved in all the areas that I can. I want to learn from every experience and person along the way. There are always going to be blips on the road, but it’s the way that we deal with them that makes the trip exciting!


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