Interview with Nathan Bailey

Ahead of the British Championships this weekend, I caught up with our current British Trampoline Men’s Champion and recent World Cup silver medal winner, Nathan Bailey.

Nathan Bailey’s recent World Cup success in Belarus was extra special for two reasons: This silver was his first World Cup individual medal and it was the first medal won for Great Britain since Ben Colgate achieved bronze in Denmark in 1992 – before Bailey was even born! I wanted to find out more! How did it feel to win his first medal, how did it compared to the Olympic experience and did it give him confidence jumping into the British Championships this weekend?


Congratulations on your first Trampoline World Cup Individual medal! How did you feel going into the competition, did you expect to do so well?

Thank you! Leading into the Belarus World Cup, I was really looking forward to getting back out on the international circuit. It was my first international competition since the Olympics last year and I couldn’t wait to get out there again. Having built two new routines, I was also excited to see how they would turn out and what the judges feedback would be. I was so happy to have outed my routines and they had placed me well amongst the other competitors, making the final was a huge bonus. I didn’t expect to win Silver!


How did it feel to win your first World Cup Medal and to share the podium with the current Olympic Champion, Uladzislau Hancharou?

Unexpected & awesome! I have shared the podium with Hancharou at the 2016 European championships, where I placed third and Dimitri Ushakov (2012 Olympic Silver Medalist) placed second. But this time it was awesome in the fact that I had managed to get into the silver position, that much closer to gold.


What was it like competing in the synchronised competition with Luke Strong, after a few years out from this event?

It felt so good competing synchronised Trampoline with Luke again, we last competed back in 2013. So it was so nice giving it another go – and a fresh focus trying something we hadn’t done in quite some time. 


Take us back to Rio 2016, what was it like to compete in the Olympics and how does it compare to your competition a few weeks ago – did you have a different approach?

Competing at the Olympics in Rio last year was mind-bogglingly cool. Having a target of making the top 10 wasn’t an easy target – so I had to fight hard to get into that position. I was up against stiff competition. Approach-wise, I was mindful that the most important thing was to put down two clean routines. And in that way it was kind of similar. Although my new routines haven’t had the time to correct and improve like the ones I competed at the Olympics – I was still focusing on that and wherever that placed me would be a starting point to work from. 


What can we expect from you and your teammates in the future?

We strive to continue to learn, develop and improve and to be our best and achieve the best we can at any point in time, be that training or competing at the British Championships, World Cups or Olympic Games. 


Are you looking forward to the British Championships?

I so am! I love competing at the British championships, its such a great event with the best in Britain all battling it out against each other to claim the title of British Champion. And win the perk of driving the prized Honda for a year. I have lots of family and friends coming along to support this year and I can’t wait to go out there and give it my all!


What’s the best advice you would give to the young aspiring trampoline gymnasts wanting to jump to the top of their sport?

Enjoy what you do, and listen to feedback.


Olympics 2016 Rio 126

Name: Nathan Bailey

Age: 24

Trampoline Club: O.L.G.A Gymnastics & Trampoline Club

Personal Coaches: Brian Camp & Nigel Rendell

Follow Nathan’s progress:

twitter/Instagram: @NathanBailey93

About Nathan

– How and when did you get involved in trampolining?
I was around 5 years old, at Littledown Gymnastics club and saw trampolining on the other side of the hall, and I thought to myself, “I need to try that!”.

– What is your favourite part of trampolining? 
The feeling of flying – and the adrenaline.

– Describe your proudest trampoline memory.
Competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics, marching out for my country. 

– Favourite item of GB kit you own.
The Olympic Competition Tracksuit 

– Best present you’ve ever received? 
After the Olympics one of my best friends and training partner, Lewis Bartlett, designed an incredibly intricate drawing of my Olympic journey – you can find it on my Instagram (@NathanBailey93)

– If you could choose a different sport to be an expert at, which sport would you choose?
F1 – because I love speed 


Quick Fire Questions

Favourite Colour?  Black

Favourite TV Show? Vampire Diaries

– Favourite Movie? All of the Harry Potters

– Ability of teleportation or invisibility? Teleportation! That would save soooo much time

– Hobbies?  Surfing, cycling, restoring cars. 

– Do you have any pets? Yes! Two dogs: a Jack Russell & a Golden Labrador

– Do you have any phobias? Spiders aren’t my favourite 

– Place/Country you most want to visit? USA – I’d love to travel around the US and visit family and friends over there. 

– Ant or Dec? Dec 

– Cardio or Strength workouts? Strength 100%

– Sweet or Savoury? Sweet

– Yes or No?  Yes

– If you were an animal, what would you be and why? I’d be a lion because they have ginger hair too! 

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