Boogie Bounce Promo Shoot

IMG_1699 - dramatic B&W

Being part of Boogie Bounce’s Promo Shoot was so much fun! The day started with getting my make-up done all professional 🙂 and receiving some brand spanking new Boogie Bounce (BB) Kit (super comfortable & super awesome crop top, tank top & high-waist leggings – for sale on the BB shop soon). This was followed by meeting little Sofie and Expert Boogie Bounce Instructors and having videos/photos taken for BB new branding.

PS.. I am loving Jenny’s facial expression in the photo above.

IMG_1616 - 1

I met little Sofie, who is an incredible dancer and gymnast, and we spoke our lines into the camera, high-fived and giggled our way out of shot. Boogie Bounce and I are on a mission to get BB classes into schools and get children bouncing! We want to play our part in the Government’s mission to promote physical activity and healthy, active lifestyles in school pupils to try and reduce the percentage of overweight children in Britain. Our hope is that a Boogie Bounce class held in schools will show kids that exercise can be FUN!!

Then it was our turn to Boogie Bounce!

IMG_1628 - 1IMG_1726 - 2

Some behind the scene shots of the promo shoot!

IMG_1687 - 2IMG_1694 -2

And a couple more…

IMG_1711 - 2IMG_1736 - 2

Throughout the day I got chatting with some Boogie Bounce instructors, they are all so incredible and made me feel super welcome. I have a way to go yet when it comes to instructing… These experts make it all look so easy!

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was going to be a Boogie Bounce Instructor, and I have started my ETM (Exercise to Music) course combined with Boogie Bouncing. Progress is going well – I’m a student again learning and revising about the human body and how to put together a program, along with all the safety and legal aspects of being a fitness instructor.

On top of the theory-based work, I have some boogie-bouncing routines I am learning which is going well. However, encouraging an ‘audience’ to perform the routines whilst boogie-bouncing myself is a skill I have yet to master. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill…so it may take me a while! Thankfully, I have a Boogie Bounce Trampoline at home to practice on and my training partner (and ‘audience’ member) to practice with!

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