I’m a qualified Boogie Bounce Instructor!

How to become a Boogie Bounce Instructor in 8 easy steps:

1. Discover Boogie Bounce and all its wonderfulness.

2. Enjoy a Boogie Bounce session.

3. Become addicted to Boogie-ing, Bouncing and keeping strong, fit and healthy.

4. Learn* you can Boogie and Bounce in the comfort of your own home too!*

5. Share the best form of exercise known to man (as stated by NASA…and me) with all your friends, family and anyone that smiles.

6. Realise you could actually make money from keeping yourself and others fit through instructing Boogie Bounce classes.

7. Enrol* on a One-Day Boogie Bounce Instructor Training Course* or a Boogie Bounce training combined ETM course.

8. Successfully pass the course and become a Boogie Bounce Instructor!

*For a 10% discount – call up & use the code: “Bryony”

IMG_1872 - 2.jpg

Success! By following these 8 simple steps, and as of last weekend when I took my ETM (Exercise to Music) course assessments, I have been officially welcomed to the Boogie Bounce Instructor community!

For the last 3 months I have been studying principles of exercise, health and safety along with other fitness-relevant topics such as human anatomy & physiology ready for two theory exams during the weekend course. I have also been preparing for a practical assessment, in which I had to construct and deliver a fitness session in front of a small, brave class of volunteers. Similar to a Boogie Bounce class, the session was made up of a warm-up track, dynamic stretching, a second pulse raiser, then several maintenance tracks to take the participants through a full aerobic curve and finally finishing off with a cool down track, some abs/glutes/arms conditioning and some relaxing stretching.

Boogie Bounce ETM.JPG

The whole weekend was an absolute blast. Everyone was so lovely and really made the hard work feel like a lot of fun (pretty much like when a Boogie Bounce Session disguises physical hard work into a fun, bouncy exercise routine). We spent the days revising for the theory exams, practicing and receiving feedback for the practical assessment and generally just chitchatting about our Boogie Bounce experiences and getting to know one another. We even started a Boogie Bounce trend with the ‘Shark Song’ 🙂 – this has spread across the BB community, where different classes across the country have been taking on the fun ‘challenge’. There were a lot of laughs and I can’t wait to see them all again. I won’t have to wait for too long though, as many of them are going to be at Boogie Bounce’s Birthday Bash in a several weeks time.

When will I be using this new qualification? Well, with great power comes great responsibility… So I am giving myself a few months to get everything all set up and to consolidate my instructing skills a little further. The plan is to start, together with my wonderful friend Emily Glendenning, our own Boogie Bounce classes around Sheffield City Centre ready for the New Year, with a few one-off promo classes in December. So keep an eye out on here and on my social media for more information if you are interested and please feel free to spread the word and share Boogie Bounce with the world!

Wishing Em the best of luck (although she won’t need it) for her course assessment in November AND a massive thanks to my Boogie Bounce Sponsors for supporting me throughout the online learning and the course itself!


  1. Hi Bryony,
    I am a beginner gymnast who started at level 10. That has its own issues but I am a MASSIVE FAN!!! I’m 13 my name is Miriam and my email is miriam@hellotuckers.com I really want to meet you because you have inspired me to take up something that makes me feel happy and exited. I love flying and I have got some technique from watching your routines over and over again and imagining one day I could be like that I would love to have you visit our club and someone from it met you and bought me you autograph because they know I am a big fan.
    Keep flying


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