Leotard Collection! #BryonyxQuatro

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Ever since I started trampolining I have always enjoyed designing leotards. I’ve designed leotards for my club, myself, my friends, helped towards GB leotard designs, & simply designed just for fun 💖 It’s been a passion of mine throughout my trampolining career, so…

I am extremely excited to ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE of MY LEOTARD COLLECTION in collaboration with QUATRO Leotards: “BryonyxQuatro” !!!🤗🤗🤗👩🏼‍🎨 We have been working hard together for months so I really hope you like them and that you feel comfortable and beautiful wearing them.

If you are at the BRITISH TRAMPOLINE CHAMPIONSHIPS this weekend (22nd-23rd Sept)  and are interested in taking a look at the leotards, make your way to the Quatro stand at Arena Birmingham. They will be there the whole weekend.

The names (and designs) are based on the taxonomic (scientific) name for different jumping/leaping animals. I have chosen jumping animals in particular for, I hope, obvious reasons and I have chosen my inspiration to come from animals because I studied Biology (namely Animal & Plant science) at University and have always found a fascination in the animal kingdom. I also enjoy basing my designs on nature/ the natural world as well as current fashion trends.

Without further ado, I am please to introduce the “BryonyxQuatro” collection of leotards:





Stenella is the genus within which contain the Spinner Dolphins (Stenella longirostris). These dolphins are famous for leaping out of the water and performing acrobatic displays which, as their name suggests, include a lot of spins.




My first sketch for the design idea of Stenella leotard

The materials chosen for this leotard are reflective of the colours of the ocean. This has been achieved by using a black-blue ombre foil. The blue/silver shine in the middle of the ombre almost relates to the skin of the dolphins themselves! I tried to make this leotard streamline using the bright blue stripes that come down from the back and wrap round the waist to the hips. I wanted it to be simple, symmetrical, streamline, sparkly and sporty – so I love the racer-back and the diamontes running along the line across the chest.












Socialmedia_Bryony_7Socialmedia_Bryony_8Hopefully this won’t put anyone off the leotard, but the name is based from a Subfamily of jumping spiders known as Spartaeinae. The design of this leotard actually came first, with the name being chosen afterwards. I searched a lot of different jumping animals for their associated scientific names and Sparta became my favourite as I felt it suited this design. With the striking lines almost being inspired by legs of the spider and the sharpness of the point at the back matching the word Sparta (if that can even be a thing?). “Spartan” can also refer to the characteristics of the Spartans, who were people of Ancient Greece famous for being resilient and brave (and highly disciplined) – which I think are definitely characteristics that describe gymnasts!!

I have chosen to go for mesh sleeves for my only sleeved leotard in the collection. I love the look of navy mesh and I think it is often more comfortable to compete and train in, especially when the venues are warm and you are training hard.

My original sketches for the design of the Sparta leotard – the colours, materials & diamontes evolved throughout the designing & production stages.

I love the bright pink/blue ombre in the pattern of the Sparta leotard too! This was an additional feature from the first design, along with the pink lines, because I wanted the leotard to be a bit brighter and a bit different.




The next two leotards names were chosen from Leaping Frogs (Indirana Ranixalidae). With Indirana being the sole genus of leaping frogs which form the Ranixalidae family.





I am absolutely LOVING mint leotards at the moment! Especially since seeing Simone Biles competing in a mint blue leotard! I think the colour is somehow elegant and fun at the same time. I chose a sweetheart neckline to create a softer look but added sharp silver lines to add a bit of strength and character to the leotard. I’ve kept this leotard, like the others above, symmetrical as I think this can often add to the aesthetics of trampoline gymnasts in the air.



Initial ideas for Indirana – colours were to be decided later on.







I wanted to design a really fun and bright leotard to have in this collection and so here it is! With it being pink (with an rose gold/orange shimmer) and gold I think it’s really eye-catching, and with the swirls, it makes the leotard extra girly. It’s so comfortable and  (parents…) it’s easy to wash!




I can’t wait to wear a couple of my leotards over the weekend at the British Championships. I am even more looking forward to seeing other people wearing my designs (fingers crossed!) in the near future.

Click Here to purchase from Quatro Gymnastics Leotards website


  1. I congratulations on your amazing performance you looked great in your leotard. Thankyou for taking a photo with me and signing my note book I was the one in the black and red tee shirt who was watching. I am a massive fan thankyou for getting me in to trampolining via the Olympics.


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