Day 20: Durdle Door & Fossil Forest

Yet another incredibly wonderful day! I am loving this 30 Day Challenge thing! I feel more blessed every day, being able to do the things I love to do and to try new things. I feel so lucky to have such great friends and people supporting me from all different parts of my life.

I’m two thirds of the way through my #30DayChallenge but it feels like much longer, in a good way! I still think of more things I would have liked to have planned in. I’m considering to start a 2015 Bucket List of things I would like to try before the end of this year. I quite like having something different to do each day – however sometimes it can be difficult to fit in to a heavily scheduled training day! We will see.

What I can’t quite believe is how much these 20 Days have benefited me. I have enjoyed them so much and I feel surprisingly energized. I’ve enjoyed learning new skills, re-blossoming (totally a word) my creativity, seeing many beautiful sights and (I’d like to think) growing as a person. In some ways I feel much more confident than I ever have before: I feel more willing to meet new people or start conversations, more up for trying new things, and I am truly inspired to be more creative.

I feel alright with trying new things that I’m not going to be good with, or doing things even though I might not have the time, patience or determination to complete them to my best standard – realising that sometimes it’s okay, for example, to post a blog page that I’m not happy with or not redoing a video of myself doing sign language because I made slight mistakes or look ridiculously serious! It’s okay to have a playlist that is not full of perfect songs for me during a workout session, especially if it’s better than what I had before!

And last but not least – As I’ve mentioned before, I am just so overwhelmed by the support, encouragement and happiness my friends and family give me.  

Durdle Dore

IMG_2514I spent the morning relaxing at a beautiful pebbled beach along the Dorset Coast with my friends. We played cards and catch, admiring the Great British skies – cloudy and grey. We saw a few people paragliding off the hills and cliffs along the cove; we found out later that one of them was actually my friends’ coach! Great times!

IMG_2507 IMG_2515 IMG_2511DCIM100GOPRO

I swam in the sea again – but this time it was extremely cold – it took my breath away to duck my head under the water – was difficult to hold my breath. Funnily enough, I actually spent much longer swimming – I was so epic I wore my goggles 😀 I also managed to video some footage this time using my friend’s GoPro.


Lulworth Cove & Jurassic Fossil Forest

My main task of today, due to my interest in paleontology, was to see the fossilized remains of a Jurassic Forest – found at Lulworth cove along exposed cliffs of the coast. The algal growth surrounding the tree trunks (‘tufa’) were fossilized, which we were able to see.

IMG_2526 IMG_2542IMG_2519 IMG_2533 IMG_2518 IMG_2538

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