Day 10: Origami Flower Ball

So today my challenge was to finish my paper flower bouquet, sine my origami challenge changed to fire twirling on Day 5. I spent around four hours (!) completing this paper sculpture, and it definitely wasn’t worth the effort. Mainly because the impressiveness of the final creation does not correlate to the amount of time spent making it! I also have no idea what to do with the sculpture. It is currently just sitting on my desk, looking lonely and out of place.


If it weren’t for the movies in the background (What we did on our Holiday for the early morning session; Mission impossible 1 for the evening session) I may have collapsed from the boredom that is brought by the art of folding paper. I folded (and glued) exactly the same pattern 60 times, creating 12 five-petaled flowers. Then spray-painted the whole thing bronze.


Think it would have looked better if I’d individually painted the flowers different colours and with gradients before sticking them all together! Too late now…

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