Day 12: Weekend at Gran’s. Part 1

Once upon a time there was a young lady who had spent her childhood travelling the world, moving from one home to the next. She spent every summer holiday in the same wonderful place that was very close to her heart. A very special place full of very special people. As the years went by, her life began to get very busy and she rarely went on holidays anymore. She missed her very special holiday destination very much until one day, she decided to go back and visit for a long sunny weekend in August…

Today was wonderful! My grandma and I watched the second half of The Sound of Music to start the day, which is an absolutely beautiful film and one I recommend you watch if you like musicals and Dame Julie Andrews.

Ashley and I took a master class in the art of Flamenco Dancing, guided by my muy talentosa Aunt Jane. My first challenge arrived in the form of spreading the fan open with speed and emotion. I failed miserably too many times. Much to my dismay, my friend Ashley poked his head into the room to see what was going on, held the fan and did it first time! 😀


My grandma made her first feature film and we were the stars 🙂 – however its taking like a billion hours to upload so maybe later today!

Grandma, Ashley and I then visited the destination of one of my childhood memories…The House of Marbles. We watched some glass birds being made, looked at the glass creations and were completely mesmerised by the marble runs.

IMG_2284 IMG_2274  IMG_2277 IMG_2278 IMG_2282 *missing gif*

We then went to Devon Guild crafts center to look at some incredible art. I especially liked the textile artwork by Amanda Richardson.

After lunch, we visited Teignmouth Beach and played crazy golf. 

IMG_2286 IMG_2287 IMG_2288 IMG_2289 IMG_2291 IMG_2292 IMG_2294 IMG_2299

“Ashley Goes Crazy from the Payne of losing” – more failure to follow.

The evening was perfect, with lovely food and conversation at the dinner table with everyone followed by a sweet movie in French, Mon Oncle.

Sorry this post is inclomplete – there are a few things still uploading and I want to start my day off! Got some fun things planned 😀

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