Day 28: Textiles

With the end of my 30 day challenge in sight, today’s task was to start a piece of textiles artwork that can be continued in my free time afterwards. I have been thinking about doing a textiles artwork piece to put up in my bedroom for a while now, so it’s great to have made a start. I haven’t done textiles work properly since A level art, which has been too long, I do really miss it. What I have found from these 30 day challenges is how much I enjoy being creative – I just need an incentive, or a little structure to get me started.

My mum has let me borrow and transport her sewing machine up to Sheffield! I bought a special embroidery foot for this particular sewing machine a year or so before I left for University – so I haven’t got to use it much. It basically means I don’t have to sew in a straight line – I can move around the fabric how I want to and use the stitching as I would a pen perhaps.

My idea for the artwork is a development on one of my A level pieces I did. I have sandwiched foam stuffing between bed sheet material and am embroidering over it to create a 3D effect. Once the embroidery stitching on the fabric is complete, I will start to paint and ink over the top to give the artwork some colour depth. I’m interested to see how it will turn out. This is what I have managed so far:


IMG_2602 IMG_2601  I will try and post a photo here of the final piece when it’s complete!

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