Day 30: Recreating Childhood Photographs

My 30 Day Challenge has come to an end! HOWEVER…since there were a few changes to the original plan and generally an over-spill of ideas to start with, there are still a few challenges left uncompleted that I am keen to try. I have therefore decided to extend my 30 Day Challenge to 40 Days, which will take me neatly to the end of August. I will also be creating a #2015BucketList! So I am still open for new suggestions…

My final task was to recreate a few photographs of me as a child.

Photograph #1

The first photograph I decided to recreate was me sitting on my outdoor trampoline when I lived in Phoenix, before I had started gymnastics and trampolining. That is a plaster on my chin…



I decided to recreate this on a professional trampoline and wearing my GB kit T-shirt. I actually put a plaster on my face for the photo above – but you can’t see it! 😦

Photograph #2

This photo was taken at my first trampoline competition. The girls next to me are my amazing teammates. We placed 1st as a team and as individuals we placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Why nobody told me to tuck my shirt in for the photograph I have no idea – but I guess it adds to the charm – as does the fact we are all looking in different directions!

IMG_1874 IMG_2639

That is the original Wrenbury Wasps tracksuit top {Good Job mum for buying one that I would grow into – otherwise there would be no chance of fitting in it now!}, T-shirt underneath, 1st place trophy and Gold team medal!  I couldn’t fit even half a leg into the tracksuit bottoms!

Photograph #3

This photograph was taken (by a professional photographer) back when I lived in Arizona, and took tap dance lessons (…I was terrible…). It is one of my dad’s favourite photos of me as a child so unfortunately it is framed in the kitchen … and in prime view for any friends that come to visit!

IMG_1867dance recreate

HAHA – this was really difficult, and looks pretty ridiculous!!!! But again, this is the original outfit! Obviously there was no chance I was fitting in the leotard, but there was enough material and feathers to cover what was needed for the photograph (and I could fit my arm into the glove/sleeve).



dance rec3  dance rec2IMG_2643
IMG_2628 IMG_1873IMG_1869