Day 6: Life Drawing

Life drawing is something that was on my bucket list until a few weeks ago when my amazingly artistic housemate took me to an art class he goes to every so often. I’ve gone a few times since then, so thought I could use this as a different activity to showcase on my 30 Day Challenge.

The first time I went I was nervous, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was maybe a little worried that I’d suddenly want to laugh from the awkwardness of it all. But as soon as you start drawing the model, you forget there is a naked stranger¬†standing in front of you and you begin to just see the shape and form that you are drawing, as if it’s a still life bowl of fruit or something. I find it great to be surrounded by artists, seeing the different styles, and I enjoy this activity as a creative outlet too. I haven’t taken an art class since college; I’ve missed it.

Today, the model was a slim woman in her twenties and she was good to draw, for a beginner like me, because she did quite nice, simple poses. I used fountain pen with black ink and water to create different effects and then for the longer draw I went over with oil pastels. It’s a two hour class, where the model will do several 2 minute poses, a few 5 mins, two 10 mins and two 20 minute poses. There is a break half way through for tea or coffee and people can walk round to look at other people’s work and chat to the model, if they wish too.


Below is some of the work I did during the class, with some photoshop editions. Only proceed if you are not offended by artwork of someone in the nude.

2 minute poses:


5 minute poses:


10 minute poses:


20 minute pose:


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