Day 7: Cooking a New Recipe with Mum

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Sweet potato, Blue cheese, and Spinach Frittata

(a low-FODMAP diet recipe)

Best homemade vegetarian quiche substitute, ever.” – Steve Page (Dad)
Delicious!” – Sarah Page (Mum)

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to experience Bryony & Mum’s Kitchen‘s brand new award-winning signature dish: The Sweet Saint Frittata. This homemade gluten-free meal appears simple and perhaps even bland at first glance, but get a taste and the flavours have remarkable depth. Do not be fooled by the light texture; with the bitterness of the St. Agur cheese, to the sweet potato and creamy spinach base, this frittata brings a strong and diverse palate. Served with a fresh authentic garden salad, this low-calorie meal becomes a delicious healthy alternative, boosting your intake of antioxidants and vitamin C. The meal boasts honesty and genuity, since all ingredients are harvested from their local organic farmer, Tesko Zuparmarschette.

This family-run restaurant, reputed for its supreme ‘dining-by-invite-only’ exclusivity, immediately exudes a homely atmosphere as you receive a warm welcome the moment you step through the doors. The serving staff are attentive, respectful and chatty, bringing an energetic and friendly vibe to the dining experience. I will definitely want to be eating here again..


I don’t know what it is that makes creating GIFs so satisfying…

cracking an egg

The Recipe:


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