Day 8: Decoupaging Old Furniture

This is the first task that I haven’t enjoyed; I wasn’t really feeling creative, I was tired and I was grumpy, so it was boring and felt like a chore. Neither did I like the outcome! When I bought this piece of junk from a charity shop a few years back, the wood effect was peeling off and there were some stains and it generally just looked grubby. So I’ve been wanting to update it ever since the purchase, I just never got round to it. So yesterday, I spent maybe 30-45 minutes covering the top drawer of my office storage furniture for my 30 Day Challenge activity. Unfortunately I don’t like how it has turned out, and wish I’d chosen maybe a brighter and more geometric design rather than a shy floral. Maybe I will grow to like it. Or perhaps I will cover the rest in decoupage paper to make it all look the same!? Or switch the drawers around… Or maybe I will paint it white…

I don’t really have anything more to say on this – sorry this has been a dull activity and an even more dull read.

Here are the before and after photos:


IMG_2236 IMG_2235

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